Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Slim Fittings

While Calvin Klein is bulking up, Ralph Lauren is slimming down.

Though the timing is odd – in the midst of weeks spent consuming turkey, ham, tofu, chocolate, pastries and creamy eggnog cocktails – we’re welcoming Polo Ralph Lauren's new slim fit button-down shirts with open arms, which, coincidentally, look even bigger inside the expertly-crafted cut.

It's just the kind of illusion our high-priced trainer doesn't understand.

Though the look is classic Polo Ralph Lauren motifs, the fit has been modernized. No longer are the label's shirts box-cut pieces of large, pretty fabric that lightly patter our foreheads as it flows with the breeze around the taut waist of frat boys; the updated Polo shirts fit the times by fitting our (hypothetically) slim waists.

Sure, like Kirstie Alley, there might be periods of time when we won't be able to clasp a few of the garment's buttons, but even then, the silhouette of these Polo shirts will serve as great motivation to get us back on the Ab Roller Plus that's been collecting dust in our office.

Besides, the high-quality cotton and mastered tailoring might keep our (sometimes) mini-muffin tops in check without all the chains and smoke and mirrors and threats. You know, the things Boy George often (allegedly) uses to keep her tops in check!

Available online from Nordstrom