Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Suiting Up In Spandex

It's about time.

We spent our tweenhood devising scandalous fanboy fantasies placing the X-Men, Spiderman and Batman in various gay situations. It was exhausting, but considering the majority of the costumes and spectacular shapes the heroes were illustrated in, wasn't exactly farfetched.

But now – if we were to still read comics at a teen boy's sexually-frustrated pace – our brain energy might be left to more important things like soaking up last night's Long Island(s) or figuring out which ear muffs make our faces look skinnier, because the first all-gay – gay, gay, gay – comic book has launched: Spandex Comic.

Yea, there are other mainstream comic heroes who have singularly come out of the closet along the sidelines of their illustrated contemporaries (the latest Batwoman comes to mind), but Spandex features an entire team and universe made up of LGBT superheroes.

With character names resembling the nicknames we award guys we stalk at the gym (Mr. Muscles, Butch), or the nicknames often slung our way (Diva), it's hard to go wrong with Spandex (seven words that we swear to Joan Rivers we'll never write again.)

Comic critics have lauded Spandex not only for its novelty, but for its character development as well. (There are more layers building in the first issue than we wear to the ice skating rink!) Unfortunately, like two of the past three guys we've dated, the first issue is also a tease, an amuse bouche, if you will.

Sure, there's plenty of action (including some in the bed) and a team of evil lesbians to contend with, but the comic is off to an enthralling start, and we can't wait to get into more Spandex (more words that are popping our syntax cherries).

$7.50 for the first issue
Price includes international postage and fees
(ships from the UK)