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Just One (More) Touch

We previously thought them impervious little digits of infinite pleasure, but our fingers are getting tired. Everything is touch-sensitive these days, including our mobiles, our cutting-edge laptop screens and our necklines.

If you thought hot little items born of the 80’s didn't want our hands all over them, then you haven't yet felt our deep tissue. Evidence of this is the updated Rubik's cube, which now comes in a touch-sensitive format, and we're hoping our exhausted fingers can handle it (the old-school version was tiring enough).

The price tag is a bit high, but when it comes to a futuristic version of what is internationally regarded as “the best toy of all time,” one tends to understand.

The haptic prowess of the new Rubik's Cube is remarkable: with an iPhone-like slide, the selected row of the toy moves in the instructed direction, a move paired with a dazzling glowing effect that might have been exaggerated by the four or seven Oktoberfest beers we had before playing with the gadget.

And, perhaps designed for sloppier puzzlers like us, Rubik's first all-electronic Cube also features something we've been writing to its makers for years to include: hints. That's right, stuck on a move and wishing for a Bible-accepted cheat? Rubik's TouchCube provides hints of possible moves when asked.

Still can't figure it out? The autonomous game also will complete the puzzle if you cry uncle.

Not since reading Sarah Palin's Going Rogue has a product from Amazon made us feel so intelligent!

$149 on Amazon.com