Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

From Frat To Frugal

White trash chic is a lot to behold. Sure, Britney makes it look easy with the Cheetos stains rimming her Mercedes steering wheel, but we prefer to dip our toes slowly into the recessionista trend. A good starting point might be the Reusable “Plastic” Cups from Vat19.

In the same vein as the porcelain “paper” coffee cups that made its rounds at the Ikeas, Crate & Barrels and Urban Outfitters of the world, Vat19's cups are a classy illusion of something cheap, kind of like the Wednesday night drag queens that frequent the stages at the local watering hole.

Fully dishwasher-safe, at first glance the red reusable cups might impress guests with your sudden lack of environmental responsibility, but once they have them in their hands, guests will be impressed all over again with surprise of the cups' actual eco-friendliness.

It's double-penetration! Something that never fails at house parties!

Instead of the fake to-go coffee mugs' porcelain, these stackable cups are made from the virtually unbreakable melamine, which sounds like something on our list of things to inject above our cheeks in five or two years.

Sure the cups might be most fitting for a white-trash-themed holiday party in the nicer part of the gayborhood or a game of eco-friendly beer pong, but the products from Vat19 carry the classic Wal-Mart-purchased look that'll make them fit right in at any event, from trailer park to Park Avenue.

$14 for package of four cups