Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Cookie Connoisseur

We all receive plenty of goodie baskets during the holidays. Despite the strict waistline requirement to enter most modern gay bars these days, we rarely turn down a package of mouth-watering goods. This year is no different, except that we're opening wide for the international cookie spreads from Elsylee Galetes Artesanals.

Like the European trip we took with our then-boyfriend a few years back, Elsylee quickly takes us from one culture to another, pleasing our tongues and causing moans along the way.

The one-of-a-kind small batches the culinary artists deliver include such twists on traditional holiday treats like pumpkin pie cookies with ginger and cloves, brown sugar pecan and gingersnap.

But if one's looking to think outside the cookie box, connoisseurs can opt for the architecture-inspired batches that first had Elsylee catching our piercing eyes, including items from the Bauhaus Collection like the Paris (almond shortbread, hazelnut infused chocolate center, chopped roasted almonds) and the Copenhagen (mint chocolate, chocolate-roasted almond macaroon, Bailey's Mint).

Don't get us wrong, sweets are everywhere this time of year and we know it's in our gay genes and gay jeans (as in size 30) to avoid them much in the same way we avoid a woman's nether regions, but rare for said areas, we actually want to put our mouths around Elsylee's Artesanals.

After all, once we enjoy both the scrumptious Miami and the decadent LA cookies, we've become bi (as in coastal). It's a fine sugar line we dance during the holidays, so we might as well play for all teams when it comes to artesanal treats.

Cookies by the dozen start at $8
Collections from $20 – $116