Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Make A Smart Move

Moving ranks right up there with a bad case of the clap. It’s painful, time-consuming and it makes you lose friends quickly.

And unless you go to Beverage Depot and beg for their leftover booze boxes, buying your own can be just as expensive as hiring movers. Not to mention all the waste if you throw them out when you’re done (which most people do).

Well now, two local entrepreneurs have created TreeHugger Boxes. Lucy Lugo and Nancy Elliot have a passion for the planet and realized that thousands (if not gazillions) of boxes are just tossed into local landfills while still perfectly good. So they offer used boxes (insert your own Courtney Love joke here) and packing material at a fraction of the cost of new.

Even better, they work with many local retailers (like our good friends at Times Ten Cellars) to get the boxes they throw away on a daily basis. And they’ll even buy back boxes from you if they meet their reusability standards.

But even if you’re not moving, with the holidays just around the corner, finding inexpensive boxes for gift wrapping will help stretch your holiday budget even further.

Or just skip the presents altogether if you’ve got kids on your list because we all know they enjoy playing with the boxes more than what’s in ’em.

Packing and de-cluttering services are also available, so unless you want to appear on the next episode of Hoarders, a call to TreeHuggers and their associates might be just what you need.

So as the Michael Jackson song goes, “Save a box, save the world. Shamone.”

(214) 384-1316