Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Superior Interior

Ever since the Haus of Gaga took over, we've wanted to take over the Haus.

Since our Saturn-orbit dresses are at the cleaners and we can't decapitate Kermit at the moment (PETA's been on our ass ever since Pam Anderson caught us with a meaty Tommy Lee replica), HausInterior.com might be the next best way to make a mark with our haus.

Though a flagship store exists in New York City, Haus Interior is a shining example of how to create an interior design marketplace in the virtual world. The website's clean layout isn't as clunky as its competition and is so simple to navigate between metal canisters in the bath section and the vintage bingo cards in the paper section that you'd think TomTom was involved in the process.

But we're not here to find pretty, accessible websites; like our three daily showers at the gym, we're here for the goods, and Haus Interior delivers (all across the country!).

From exquisite kitchenware like smoky-glass carafes to antique trunks to kitschy greeting cards with taxidermy illustrations, the curated design items on the web marketplace are certainly eye-catching.

So the website is appealing and the products are sophisticated splendor, but our favorite Haus Interior feature just happens to be its virtual discount bins. Easily accessible straight…err, gayly from the main page are two sections – Under $200 and Under $100 – filled with housewares that make our homes a little more welcoming than the things found in the discount bins under fluorescent lighting at the 99 Cent Store (not that we'd know, of course).

Finally, we can switch our cruising website profiles to say “will host.”