Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Lady GagAgain

You'd have to be living under a cock (can we visit?) to not already have or be aware of Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster. Eight new songs and a reissue of last year's The Fame have topped every bottom's holiday gift list. Now, with Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster: Super Deluxe Collector's Edition hitting shelves next week – complete with a lock of her wig, puzzles, a picture book and the music that gay go-go's have been sweatily gyrating to for a year and a half – we thought we'd reissue some Gaga ourselves.

Last year we were one of the first gay publications to bring you an interview with the future Queen of the Gays, and some of it, like us after our lunchtime margarita, quickly dropped to the cutting room floor. We couldn't hold back any longer, and will use the collector's edition of The Fame Monster as the perfect opportunity to release the collector's edition of last year's interview, Queen of Clubs, featuring only the portions of the story that weren't published the first time around! You can thank us later (preferably with a massage).

We'll leave you alone. We know you like your Gaga.

Gay List Daily: If stranded alone on an island, what three albums would you like to have to keep you company?
Lady Gaga: I would need to have The Beatles “Abbey Road,” David Bowie “Aladdin Sane,” and I would have to have Britney Spears' first record.

GLD: Speaking of musicians you enjoy, which artist, living or dead, would you most like to collaborate with?
LG: I’d love to one day collaborate with Marilyn Manson!

GLD: You are undeniably multi-talented among visual art, music, performance and fashion design. What in the world is Lady Gaga not the best at?
LG: I’m not the best at organization. [Laughs.] My assistant is giving me the thumbs up and laughing at me on the floor. I’m not organized; I’m very messy. I’m the kind of person who has something in my hands and walks away with it still in my hands and not know where it is. I’m kind of a space cadet. [Laughs.] I’m very smart but not in an organizational way.

GLD: You’ve worked your way up unlike most stars today. What’s the weirdest venue you’ve performed at early in your career?
LG: I would say the time I played at a Latin club on a salsa night. I was like 'Oh my God, I hope these kids are ready because I’m about to get all New York on them!' And they loved it.

GLD: Where do you hope the Haus of Gaga is in 10 years?
LG: I hope that we’re doing a clothing line. I really want to be taken seriously as a clothing house that sells bags, purses, clothes… even shoe polish. [Laughs.] I hope we're still a really creative house, still making beautiful songs and work. I've never seen a fashion house do films and I’d like to do that, too!

GLD: Since we're on the subject of fashion, let us say that you’re outfits are killer! Who from the design world inspires you?
LG: Thank you! I love Karl Lagerfeld. It’s the sophistication and the glamour and the Yves Saint Laurent that I live for!

The Fame Monster: Super Deluxe Collector's Edition is out Tuesday, December 15
Includes: The Fame & Fame Monster
Lock of Lady Gaga's wig
Pictorial Book featuring the star's creative process
Lady Gaga paper dolls
3-D glasses
Pullout posters
and more…