Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Ship Wrecked

Unlike Eddie Murphy or some evangelical leaders from Colorado, most of us don't want to pay to receive big, glistening packages. We prefer free, or at most, two cocktails sent to the package we've been eying.

For one glorious day next week, we get our way. Welcome, readers, to Free Shipping Day!

The newest holiday for Hallmark to pillage in ways that make us drool arrives next week on Thursday, December 17, and delivers everything it promises: free shipping on packages ordered from participating online marketplaces, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

Like all threesomes, according to Britney, Free Shipping Day is the Mary to Black Friday's Peter and Cyber Monday's Paul, Mary. Merchants are especially willing to bend over frontwards and give us 180 degrees of shopping deals, happening on that fateful day.

The list of participating stores is expected to grow to over 500, and will include the online outposts of Apple, Nike, Adidas, Eddie Bauer, JCPenney, PacSun and PetSmart, to name a few.

Organizers launched the final round of holiday shopping deals last year to combat the deepening recession and to provide procrastinating shoppers with a last-minute extension. We rarely get cold feet when shopping is concerned, but, as you may have heard from the gayvine, we happily take advantage of that which gets extended.

Free shipping on all orders placed throughout Thursday, December 17
For participating merchants, visit www.FreeShipping.org