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No Longer Water Bored

If we wanted to wear white during our future (legs crossed!) hypothetical wedding, it'd have to be made of flame retardant material. The word “pure” and our names are like olive oil and mineral water – they mix about as well as Jon and Kate Gosselin do.

Like anything in America these days, purity too can be outsourced. As it goes with the outsourcing territory, we can pay very little money for the new Hyrdos Water Bottle to accomplish what three nights of repeating the rosary or an entire year's worth of Whole Foods Brand Liquid Detox could not: purify us.

The idea is simple, making it a shock that the product concept debuts this month with the Hydros. Sporting reusable, BPA-free plastic, this eco-friendly water bottle comes complete with its own mobile water filter.

That's right! No more carting around the mint-colored Brita filter purchased at Targét in the gym bag or filling up landfills with 60 monthly bottles of Evian; we can filter out harsh chemicals on the go. (Though every once in awhile, the trace amounts of Valium in tap water come in handy.)

Luckily, the Hydros Bottle filters quickly. After all the time we've spent waiting for a product like this, it's only fitting that it's faster than the Chinese water tortures that are otherwise known as in-fridge filters.

For once, what goes in our mouths is super clean!

Hyrdos Bottle and one filter: $25
Filters average 320 uses
Replacement filters: $6