Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Get Pucked For The Holidays

'Tis the season to party. When even great-grandma is partaking in the spiked Eggnog without judgment from mother, it's obvious it's our favorite time of year.

So why waste such a great excuse to drink merrily with spending valuable vodka time preparing appetizers for our holigay get-togethers? Wolfgang Puck doesn't only get our palates, he gets that we want our precious Hanukkah or Christmas or Kwanzaa time to spend with loved ones and a frosty glass, instead of slaving over the oven.

To accomplish this, the renowned chef has bestowed to the world a fantastic holigay gift: frozen all-natural appetizers.

We'd be lying through our veneers if we said we never quickly heated up some Marie Callender or Betty Crocker and informed guests the party trays held the bounties of our hard homemade work. But when we get Pucked, we like to tell.

We'll proudly (and, probably, with a slur) announce to revelers that Wolfgang Puck himself catered our event.

Puck off! It's technically not a lie.

A few boxes of WP's all-natural frozen appetizers were sent to the Gay List Daily offices, allowing us an opportunity to give one of our famous taste tests. Without hesitation, our finicky palates approved both Wolfgang Puck's chicken pot stickers and the mu shu pork spring rolls, each of which come with decadent garlic chili ponzu dipping sauces. Other offerings include Italian risotto balls (risotto, shiitake mushrooms and three cheeses) and classic shrimp cake (shrimp, panko bread crumbs, onions, herbs and spices).

Compared to the other items resting in our freezer, WP's apps are rather impressive. They didn't taste as if they were ever as frozen as Kathy Griffin's forehead, and compared well to the authentic starters available at nearby Thai restaurants.

Sure, serving yummy ethnic fare at a holigay party isn't as traditional as pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce, but it obeys one of our cardinal rules we apply in all areas of life: There's never a wrong time to wrap our tongues around mouth-watering Asian delights.

$6 – $7
To find a local retailer, visit www.wolfgangpuckallnatural.com