Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Supply & The-Man

We have our fingers on lots of pulses, but no matter the amount of Red Line we imbibe, we can't have our hands in all trousers pots at all times.

Thankfully, we have help staying on top (or bottom) of things from GentSupplyCo.com.

For those rare moments when we have shopper's block (our therapist calls them “breakthroughs”), the online one-stop-shop for men provides the inspiration. Launched by the same team who brought women the Delight.com marketplace, Gent Supply Co. is well-stocked with clever and unique products perfect for hard-to-buy-for guys.

If dad is getting sick of all the skinny pastel-colored Dior ties with matching tight-fitting button downs we continue gifting him, let GentSupplyCo. suggest another present, like classic shaving accessories or GSC's ultra-masculine whiskey set.

If our drummer brother is tiring of our yearly Broadway sheet-music presents, maybe GSC's plethora of music-inspired products, like cufflinks, recycled LP coasters and hardcore headphones, will return him to our good side (which is our left, in case you were wondering).

Even if we're just trying to pleasure ourselves, GSC offers up pages and pages of products that are new, novel and neat to us, including socks with flare and hip kitchenware.

But – and it took us twenty years to learn this – it's not all about us, well, at least some of the time. During these short stretches, GSC goes one step further by compiling gift guides tailored to the occasion and type of man that ultimately help us think outside the box (literally) and focus intently on making the special guys in our lives happy (which makes us happy).

There we go thinking about ourselves again…


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