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Devotion to our (Liquid) Diets

Math has never been our strong suit. We can't tell you what time train A will cross train B's path in Cincinnati on Tuesday, but we can tell you exactly how long we need to spend on the elliptical to counteract our lunch at Ruths Chris Steakhouse (answer: three days).

The one time we stop counting what goes in our mouth, whether it's inches or sodium content, is during a cocktail.

But now, other than dizzily calculating the possible bar tab or how many sugar daddies it'll take to cover it, we have a new number on our mind when imbibing vodka drinks: protein count. That's right, it seems our dreams have been answered – enter Devotion Vodka, the world's first protein-infused vodka!

We told you about wheat grass cocktails a while back, so the idea of mixing our two favorite things – hard workouts and stiff cocktails – isn’t exactly farfetched. But Devotion is a bit more down our dark, seedy, sexy alley.

It's like Christmukkawanza has come early. And this time, unlike when our ex bf's did it, we don't mind!

With Devotion's arrival, we now run some numbers when we order a Screwdriver: four – the number of times the ultra-premium American vodka is distilled; under $30 – the affordable price for a bottle; and the varying protein contents, depending on how many shots we drink.

But in time, with both the vodka-goggles and the bigger arms from all the protein we've been drinking, the only numbers on our minds alongside Devotion will be those scribbled on bar napkins by the boys dancing next to us…

Available in San Francisco, New York and New Jersey
Coming to more cities soon
$30 per bottle