Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Woof, Woof

We've got to get something off of our chests. (And no, it's not a few bearish hairs – we had our monthly waxing with Hilda last week.)

There are a few things we're sick of: Heidi and Spencer, and Kate and Jon Gosselin are items one through four (or five if you're counting by body weight), but we're also sick of heading to studio apartment or hotel room after-hours where the hosts, as gracious as they may be, consider built-in laptop speakers adequate sound systems.

We have as great an imagination as the next queen – hello, we mark off “versatile” on speed dating questionnaires – but we fail to hear from the miniscule speakers the same quality of music we heard in the dark rooms where we all met. (And we're not at your after-hours at 4 a.m. for intimate conversation.)

But we hate clutter just as much as the Y-list (as in Why?) “celebrities” listed above, and understand the dilemma: how do we obtain high quality, actually audible music from laptops without carting around a bunch of equipment?

By Jesus Luz, we think we've found the answer: BassJump.

Instead of a twine ball of cords and three or more large, heavy units to carry around, plug into your laptop and into the wall as required by traditional external speakers, BassJump includes nothing more than a simple, small box and a USB cable.

For once in life, the generous adage holds true: though the package is small, the quality and punch it packs makes it worth trying out.

Boasting specialized software, BassJump sends to your laptop speakers only those audio frequencies that sound crisp played through them, while reserving the heavier loads – low through mid-range – for the high-tech compact sub-woofer itself.

As dance floor divas and card-carrying iPhone enthusiasts, the last thing we need might be more volume, but if technology has advanced to include portable sub-woofers, then a cure for circuit-ear shouldn't be too long off…

Currently only available for MacBooks