Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

An Official Announcement

We're tired of faking it during our attempts to conceive. Until Oprah and Gayle put their patented “Pregnant Man” spell on us, we'll be faking it a lot as we keep trying. Unless we find a good man. Then the only thing we'll have to fake is the kid.

Sure gaybies are super cute and they help us fall for single DILFs regularly, but they're also really good at getting our co-workers out of work.

“Oh, Beyonce Jr. has a dance recital at 3:30 today. Can you finish these reports?” or “Litte Creatina has a slight fever. You can totally handle the pitch alone this afternoon, right?”

Thankfully, The Office Kid has created a solution for those of us who may desire a few excuses to slack off here and there.

Though our own penmanship might fool our bosses into believing a child who has yet to pass second grade lives in our household, The Office Kid bundle provides adorable abstract kid-art that's even more convincing.

Going further, the fake kid in a box includes a framed portrait of a random youngster, original artwork and a list of starter excuses so you can start banking on your fake-born first-born.

The Office Kid also offers a la carte items to add to your new miracle, including a forged doctor's note on “official” stationary, pics of your bundle of joy Photoshopped into sports photos, and more adorable abstract art to display at your cubicle.

There is no way in hell we'll ever stop trying to have one the natural way, but at least this new kit might free up more afternoon (delight) time to work on it with our future baby daddy/ies.

A la carte available to add to kit, $10 each