Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

High (Mountain) Fashion

The year might be ending soon, but winter is just getting started. With its approach come plans for Telluride, Aspen, Vancouver and Mammoth, four gay ski weeks we patronize while never laying feet on beautiful white slopes.

If we're lucky, we lay hands on Mr. Ski Instructor's beautiful white slopes after cruising in lodges over cups of steaming hot chocolate (with Baileys).

But this winter might be different. We can't argue with Chanel.

Never ones to refuse anything by the French fashion power house, Chanel's venture into snowboards, goggles and other apres-sports-gear has us hoping that crutches are the it-accessory for spring.

In other words, the power of Chanel might compel us to actually hit the slopes in 2010.

Three different boards that are a tad more sophisticated than the graffiti or graphic-design snowboards typical to the slopes are given to us, the gays, this winter. Though a few black boards (Chanel's favorite color) scream refinement while queens scream atop them as they defy gravity, our favorite board from the seminal design house is rather simple, boasting finished wood and cream-white boots.

However, the most necessary item on any snowboard (move over safety measures) is hands-down the brand logo, which all of Chanel's boards flaunt vigorously.

Even if we chicken out once we're at one of the gay ski weeks, since it's Chanel, we might be able to pull off these boards in the club or at the spa. They will kill on the dance floor (perhaps literally)!

Prices available upon request