Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

If We Could Turn Back Time

While someone up north has been checking his list twice to see just how naughty we've been (we met him on Connexion last month), there's no time like the holidays to clean up our act a little. Since chances are slim with a six-pack (yum!) that we'll never stop being dirty boys, a cute kit from JGoods provides us with an opportunity to clean up a different image of ours: our shoes.

The younger, hipper version of the Paul Smith shoe cleaning kit we enlightened you to a while back, the JGoods kit helps us remove the tarnish from our sneakers, which get more miles than our dress shoes, anyways.

The Sneaker Restoration Kit arrives in a faux-vintage shoebox stocked with items like a scourer sponge, a paint brush, leather paint, a melamine foam pad, a poly scrub brush and a few more tools vital to the resurrection of your decades-old Reebok Pumps, but it's the included JGoods Guide to Sneaker Restoration that really comes in handy.

We could spend days trying to figure out which tool goes where (there's only one tool in life we're absolutely sure where to put), but the guide gives us the complete 411.

Before JGoods gave us the gift of salvaging worn out accessories much in the way Ashton Kutcher has done with Demi, our idea of Sneaker Restoration included a dumpster and a fun-filled day of shopping.

But if old leather and other throw-aways can be brought back from the dead and earn the likes of Jesus Luz or Ashton, we're down for a bit of resurrecting.

JGoods Sneaker Restoration Kit, $35