Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bow Flex

Most New Year's Eve events require dressing up. For the kind of NYE events we end up at, that means a black jockstrap instead of our regular white one. This year we might add one more sartorial selection to our annual getup.

A few queens have threatened it, but we've never had shards of glass anywhere near our necks. We won't be able to make such a claim after donning one of Christopher Sherman's unconventional bow ties on Thursday night.

His Lady GaGa-esque shards of glass meets after-hours disco-ball bow tie mixes party with business with as much sass as mullets – except this party and business orgy happens right up front, below our chins, just where we like it.

Sherman's use of atypical hardware in his collection of evening bow ties is certainly a striking statement. If you, like us, might get a little too tipsy to be stumbling around with forty jagged edges closely hugging your jugular, you can opt for another one of our faves from the collection: Sherman's punk-rock take on the formal accessory, complete with herringbone fabric accented with metal studs.

Or, if one of your resolutions for 2010 includes wearing more sequins, we also like Sherman's gold sequins overdose bow tie.

Any way you take them, Sherman's unique twists (a bow tie joke) on formality have us lifting our flawless, chiseled chins and readying our necks to be wrapped in statement-making (and safety-precaution-necessary) style.

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