Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Group Scoop

If you’re like us, you’re dreading January 21 more than any other day of the year. Because that’s when our December credit card bills are due and we were a little too extravagant this year. (Cashmere and mink-lined Snuggies? What were we thinking?)

So we figure this is the perfect time to let you in on one of our favorite savings web sites for getting good deals in Dallas. It’s called Groupon.

Sure, we signed up by mistake after mistyping Grope On, the greatest site this side of Frottage Cottage. But, boy, are we glad we stumbled upon Groupon.com.

The group coupon concept is genius. Sign up for free with your e-mail address and get daily deals delivered to your inbox. The super-savings deals only become active if enough people sign up for them, but once they do, you can purchase great stuff at a significant savings.

It could be a $25 restaurant gift certificate for just $10. Or horseback riding lessons at 50% off. Or massages. Teeth bleaching. Sky diving. Fitness classes. You name it, you can save on it.

So we’re making our New Year’s resolutions a few days early and committing to saving money on everything we buy in 2010.

Now if only they’ll publish a Grope On Groupon, we’ll be set.

Purchase any two separate deals by January 3 and get $10 in Groupon Bucks