Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Bees Take Flight

It's fun being a bitch. It comes naturally, the way our wintertime spray tans with enhanced ab lines do.

But in 2010 we hope to deliver our lines, compliments, quips and zings with a bit of sweetness. Honey, to be exact, honey. And so that we don't have to resort to a lobotomy (the only way we'd ever rate any less on the bitch scale), Bee Raw Honey Flights have our smooth, sculpted backs.

We've imbibed flights of everything from sake to sangria, but have never had a sampler set of honey to wrap our luscious lips around. The honey flight from Blackbird arrives just in time to break our cherry (one of the very few we have left)!

The aesthetically-pleasing flight features various vials of flavored raw honey from across the country, varieties that Bee Raw insists can be as complex and unique as wine and tea. The nine different tubes of the sweet stuff include descriptions of each variety, in case our sommelier skills aren't as well versed as those we have developed for that other nectar of the Gods, vino.

To seal the deal (literally), Bee Raw hand corks each vial of honey and cleverly binds them with bee's wax. Then the all-natural and healthy substitute for sugar is off to our doorsteps, ready to let our tongues taste our way through the sweet tasting raw side of America, just like we did during summer break from college a few years back.