Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Jealousy Much

We suffer from wanderlust. It's not unusual for us to randomly wander into a bar before 5 p.m., a dark alley after last call or lips-first into a needle filled with collagen.

But in 2010 we hope to expand our wandering capabilities to include plenty of exotic foreign lands like Memphis or Albuquerque. Too bad our extensive arsenal of must-need grooming products often keeps us out of airports due to the pesky security measures regarding measuring liquids, etc. Petty size queens.

Without bursting into flames for being hypocritical (among a litany of other possible reasons we would combust), grooming company Billy Jealousy bestows upon us a gift of great products that bypass all the Manhunt-like intense focus on measurements of the TSA.

That's right, not only does the Wanderlust Kit supply high-quality grooming products like Fuzzy Logic (shampoo), Illicit (masculine body wash) and Cool Medium (a lightweight hair product), but these manly bath products along with two others are prepackaged in airline-approved sizes and containers.

To make it even easier to jump on a flight and join the mile high club without skipping a styling beat before we land, the Billy Jealousy Wanderlust kit includes a clear zippered travel bag to conspicuously carry the grooming goods.

Move over hotel shampoo, soap and styling – our bath bags might have reached the jet age.

Billy Jealousy Wanderlust Kit, $36