Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Four Play

We hate to be so cliché as to write about fitness the first week of the New Year, but we found out about something we have to share with you because it’s such a good deal.

(That, and because Kirstie Alley has a knife to our throat and keeps screaming about fettuccini.)

Normally, we like our personal training missionary-style: one-on-one. But the sagging economy and our equally droopy muffin tops have motivated us to try something less expensive, but equally effective.

Just as we were trying to solve this dilemma, in sashayed Dr. Peay with a solution. While his outdoor program, the über-popular Dr. Peay’s Booty Camp is on hiatus during the cold winter months, he’s created small-group training classes consisting of three people working out with one personal trainer.

We like to think of it as a Menage a Squat.

The best way to get the most out of this program is to get together with two people you already know and pick an available early morning or early evening time slot. Friends are often better motivators than strangers, but if you can’t find two people who want to see you sweat, the good folks at Dr. Peay’s COREhealth Wellness Center will try to match you up with two others looking for a third.

It’s just like eHarmony, except the resulting moaning and groaning will be for completely different reasons. (And you can’t hide behind a fake profile photo, either.)

A combination of free weights, exercise machines and good old-fashioned calisthenics, each session is custom-tailored to the needs of you and your group and will combine indoor and outdoor activities, depending on ice, snow, rain or active volcanoes in Lee Park (global warming—it could happen!).

Our favorite part about this program is the cost. A 12-pack of hour-long, three-on-one personal training sessions is just $300 per participant. That’s only $25 per session (a savings of $540 off traditional, one-on-one training). Upgrade to two-on-one sessions for only $10 more per session ($35 per person; $420 for the 12-pack).

There’s no gym membership or processed diet foods to purchase. Just a fun, motivational workout experience that will get you great results.

And with a great new body, you’ll be able to achieve all those other New Year’s Resolutions that much easier. Like making yummy Dr. Peay your love slave.

$300 for 12 60-minute, three-on-one personal training sessions
Mention Gay List Daily when purchasing your 12-pack and get your 13th session free
(214) 219-3300