Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Mister Manners

Chivalry is dead. We're not necrophiliacs, but the idea of a chivalrous man turns us on. Still, gentlemanly habits are as cold and lifeless as Anna Wintour. But like September Issue might have done for her image, gentlemanly etiquette has a chance at being revived with The Gentleman's Deck.

The handy, pocket-size deck boasts 50 cards, each with a hypothetical social situation and the resulting etiquette that only a sophisticated gentleman would display.

It's well-known that we rarely lose grasp of our tactful ways (though all bets are off in the virtual world) thanks to a prudent study of our polite (and perpetually lit) grandmothers, but a gentle (or aggressive, if we're in the mood) nudge in the right direction can do no wrong.

Annoyed with the long line at Starbucks? We might be tempted to fall to our knees just to get it over with (which may or may not be our typical protocol when faced with a serpentine line of men), but instead we can pop out the Patience card from The Gentleman's Deck and not have to find a different Starbucks (out of the 73 within walking distance from work) to frequent.

The other 49 useful cards in the deck come in handy in similar situations – situations that, on third thought, our reputations probably could use the boost of refinement provided by the tips.

But it's the help the Gentleman's Deck bestows to manhood at large that really makes us think; while there are plenty of things in a man's pocket that get us in the mood, The Gentleman's Deck nearly tops our swish list.

The Gentleman’s Deck, $15