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Custom Craze

Spending time with the holidays is like spending time in any LTR relationship, which for us, typically lasts as long as the holiday season – two months.

When it's over you come out of it with a bit of a belly and incredible motivation to start looking smokin' hot again.

While it can't help us during our return to the meat market, ShirtsMyWay.com can help us with our return to the stylish, svelte post-holiday-gorging season.

Once in a pink moon we come across a department store dress shirt that fits as well as a few of our chat-room nicknames. However, dress shirts regularly need tailoring and end up being a pricey but necessary endeavor just to get a passable shirt that usually falls short of our high hopes.

Shirts My Way seeks to streamline the process as well as the appearance of our post-turkey/eggnog/champagne-at-midnight midsections. By allowing customers to design their very own dress shirt, complete with personalized measurements, we no longer have to subject ourselves to the Barney's in-store tailor wrapping their arms around our waists and pricking us with their tools of trade – without buying us one or four drinks first.

Freedom-loving fashionistas hoping to be a part of the bespoke business shirt revolution simply head to the custom company's website and start plugging away the necessary criteria to build their perfect shirt. From the collar to the color to the cuff, nearly every detail of the dress shirt can be modified by shoppers.

Of course, cutting out the measuring, meddling middle man means you will have an opening for the position of measure-taker on your own body. As with the garments offered by Shirts My Way, make your selections wisely.

Final price based on selections
Base price starts at $75

Gay List Daily Subscriber Deal!
Because they like us just the way we are, Shirts My Way is offering 10% off orders for Gay List Daily subscribers until January 9th, 2010!

Place your order as normal and send an email to support@shirtsmyway.com with your name and promo code “GAY LIST 10%” within 1 hour after the order is placed. Shirts My Way will refund 10% on your order.