Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Showdown At The TC Chorale

Fact #1: A 180-pound man burns 171 calories singing for one hour.

Fact #2: Singing in Spain is more fun than singing in the United States.

Fact #3: Jonathan Palant is dreamy.

So what do all these important details all have in common? Why, the Turtle Creek Chorale, of course. And this weekend is a rare opportunity for you to enjoy all the fun, fame and fabulousness of being a member of one of the greatest men’s choruses in the world.

But you have to make the cut first.

The Member Musical Conference (that’s fancy TCC-speak for “audition”) consists of pitch-matching, some scales to determine your voice types, and the singing of a well-known song to determine range and ability (or bring a prepared piece of your choosing).

Open auditions for the TCC are held just twice a year and this Sunday is one of those coveted dates. All you need is a good singing voice and ambition to learn quickly. You don’t even have to know how to read music. (Sorry, Ms. Abdul, men only).

Once chosen to perform with the chorus, you’ll rehearse every Tuesday evening (and the occasional Sunday afternoon) for the group’s two remaining performance series: Figaro, a Night at the Opera (at the Meyerson Symphony Center) and Off Broadway (at the new Wyly Theatre).

What a great opportunity to grace two of the city’s finest stages!

And speaking of opportunities, joining the Chorale gives you a chance to perform this summer in Spain. (You can finally learn about the rain falling mainly on the plain once and for all!)

So even if you’re not a great singer but you love to sing, you’ll have the chance to become fantastic with this one-of-a-kind performing family. Well, two-of-a-kind if you count the von Trapps.

Open Auditions
Sunday, January 10, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Grace United Methodist Church
4105 Junius Street, Dallas

No appointment necessary, but one is appreciated. E-mail membership@turtlecreek.org to set up a time. If you can't make Sunday, please email and they’ll schedule another time for you.

For complete details and video of the audition process, visit www.turtlecreek.org/index.php?/about/auditions