Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The Black Party

After a weekend of excess that we only know existed thanks to bits and pieces found on XTube, our livers are begging on their knees (which is, coincidentally, how we spent New Years day) for something pure.

Instead of water – you know, that stuff that we soak in while enjoying hot tubs – how about the annual limited release of Smirnoff Black? That should kick off 2010 on the right, recently-pedicured foot.

It's third and final year of release, Smirnoff's Black Label 70cl vodka is of such rare purity that not even Carrie Underwood before saying “I do” to that hot-ass hockey player can compare. The ultra-premium bottled beverage from the familiar vodka brand is filtered through seven-tons of charcoal and pot-distilled before arriving in the rare and limited form that already has us manufacturing sick day excuses for the next month.

Whatever reasons we come up with to be workplace truants and spend more time with Smirnoff's final shipment of Black will largely be fiction; the high quality of vodka allows for a largely-hangover free result – though we wouldn't push it (well, we would, but we'd need a slap on the ass wrists if we encouraged sexy strangers to test their tolerance with hundred-dollar vodka).

As celebration-worthy as the ultra-premium intoxicant is the one-of-a-kind brushed aluminum Matryoshka doll container that hosts the bottle. Our pops never let us have dolls, but our current Daddy loves when we play with this one.

Never mind our fascination with the packaging – with Smirnoff Black, it's all about the elixir. Too bad it's the brand's last production – once you go black, you never go back.

Smirnoff Black, $114
Limited Availability