Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Tweet Walker

You're undeniably hip and a verified trendsetter. If trendsetting was like eBay, you'd be a certified member, with the trends you start always showing up in bold.

How do we know? Aside from Googling and Facebook stalking your gorgeous face maybe for just a little bit, you read Gay List Daily. That's how we know.

Your followers on Twitter are just that – followers that follow your every word as if it were law, not unlike friends of closeted A-List movie stars who have signed binding non-disclosure agreements. You have said, “If I had a nickel or a nose-job for every time someone copied my style” every chance you can get.

Well, ad.ly is giving you that nickel or nose job by turning an infrequent amount of your Tweets into advertising dollars.

The concept is similar to that “wrapping one's car with advertisements” trend that revved its engines in the earlier part of…wow, this is odd to say, but… the last decade. Then again, as a trend-finder, you recall it vividly.

Ad.ly pretty much sets up top tier Twitterers with top-tier brands, and offers them a chance to whore out a few tweets for a few bucks. The brands themselves type the Tweets which appears on the Twitterer's stream, which might explain the sudden gift of grammar and spelling that Kim Kardashian displays once a day.

Of course, not everyone has the zillions of followers necessary to make decent money off the system, but in these still-hard (the recession is like a 19 year old boy right now!) times, every little bit helps. That, and making money from 140 characters or less reminds us of this one story we read about on the Manhunt “massages” page…

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