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She’s A Publicity Ho

Kathy Griffin, once forced to take demeaning roles in films like Beethoven’s 5th and Muppets from Space, is finally (well, almost) being taken seriously. She’s everywhere.

If Howard Stern is the King of All Media, then she most certainly is the Queen Fag Hag of All Media. Best-selling books, Grammy-nominated CDs, sell-out live performances, you name it. All that’s missing is the Kathy Griffin Lean, Mean, Sassy Grilling Machine or a line of fiber-optic jewelry for Comedy Central and she’ll have it all.

As the go-to celebrity when a show needs a little controversy for ratings, she always delivers. We’ve been watching her New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper for over a week now, rewinding to catch every little jab at Anderson’s sexuality, all the jokes at every CNN correspondent’s expense, and analyzing the did-she-or-didn’t-she F-word scandal that ended the decade on a controversial note that only Kathy Griffin could create (and smile about afterward).

Our assessment: Yeah, she said it.

But who cares.

Kathy Griffin is one of the most fearless performers we’ve ever worshipped. She lives to shock and we live to see her work her foul-mouthed magic. Her Bravo stand-up specials are always a hoot, but we don’t really care to watch a G-rated version of her raunchy act if we can help it. That’s why her new uncensored DVD, She’ll Cut A Bitch, steps it up to a full-on hoot-and-a-HALF!

From uproarious impersonations of her wine-fueled mother to details of her newfound friendship with Cher to her adoration of Suze Orman, she’s always on the outside of the A List looking in, even when she’s already inside. The DVD also contains bonus material that wasn’t a part of the original (censored) TV special.

And the genius of Kathy’s up-to-the-second topical humor is that you have to buy her CDs and DVDs as soon as they come out, because, let’s face it, in six months we won’t remember who half the people are she’s talking about.

Speidi, this means you (hopefully). And all you “real” housewives, too. If ever there was a need to mass-market exploding underwear, it’s now. But if all the douches and talentless hacks of the world blew up all at once, Kathy would have so much less material for her comedy.

And after all, the only bombs we endorse at Gay List Daily are those of the “F” variety. And Kathy’s always ready to light our fuse.

“Kathy Griffin: She’ll Cut A Bitch (Uncensored and Unrated)”
In stores tomorrow

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