Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hit The Saxx

Keeping the boys in line isn't so hard for you. Or so we've heard. But keeping the boys below in line under various styles, whether boxer, brief or hybrid, isn't always as easy as we are after watching a football game.

Though some have enjoyed the fleeting fantasies depicting it, no one really wants to be the guy who reveals a thing or two during an intense thigh workout. Thankfully, Saxx Underwear (clever!) has come along so that no one ever has to drop the ball again.

When underwear includes “extra features,” these features usually involve padding so believable we could be sued (successfully) for false advertising. Saxx marks the first pair of specialty briefs we've closely inspected (out of a probable thousand) that focuses on comfort rather than enhancement.

The brand's patented design cups a guy's nether-regions with breathable fabric, thereby offering support and preventing chaffing, all while giving the boys more of a breather than the guys we date ever afford them.

Though the sack-support is out of this world, the Saxx fabric's additional moisture-wicking (to keep us dry) and anti-microbial (to keep us odorless) abilities have us attempting to work our crotches overtime (it's a good excuse, isn't it) to test the underwear's sweat limit.

After a week of extensive scientific research conducted in association with the lauded academic journal, Big Muscle.com, we've yet to find a complaint. Well, maybe just one tiny complaint: the performance gear is sexy and all, but when will Saxx boy briefs arrive?

Saxx, $224 – $70
Boxer Briefs, Trunks and Long Johns available