Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Pursey Power

The biggest weapon we carry in our murse isn't double-sided or extra-long Lee Press On's with Swarovski encrusted tips – it's our buying power.

And though Am-Ex has dulled said weapon to a miniscule limit that barely covers Pool Boy's monthly mesh banana-sling budget, our consumer habits still amount to ammunition that leaves a mark.

But where to leave our mark? The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has swished into the 21st century with an answer: the org's first iPhone app, Buying for Equality.

The free application puts the power of your purse in the right hands – yours (which look super soft, by the way).

Next time you're out helping the economy recover, instead of blindly throwing dollar bills (like we do after a Mind Eraser at the go-go bar) at companies and corporations that don't support the GLBT community, you can fire flame up Buying for Equality and check almost any business's HRC corporate rating.

A wide range of categories covers everything from apparel to gas to banks and finance, making it easier to put our money where our mouths are, which, when they're not busy working hard for the money, speak of nothing but fighting for our civil rights.

Yea, we were fairly aware of buying for equality before HRC released its streamlined iPhone application; only now, without having to tote around dozens of paper pages printed with the org's Corporate Equality Index in our homo-satchel, we have more room for the items we impulsively purchase to fight for your right to marry!