Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Working Wonders

We've offered a helping hand to many a man on the hunt for specific types of jobs. To keep putting our best fingers forward when we extend our arms to the working class, On The Job Hand Regimen might ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Not necessarily marketed to our own delicate hand types (we've routinely lathered our mitts in lotion since age three and rarely find them engaged in anything more laborious than a lat pull-down), On The Job aims to make the hands on butcher boys smoother, you know, so they're less rough as they push down on the back of our necks.

Yea, there was once a time when a blue-collar jock's calloused hands sent us into fairy fits, but then metrosexuality took hold. Even the most burly of the big-city gays started moisturizing every thing from their palms to perineums. Though we miss the exfoliation a set of rough paws provides, we got used to the new wave of smoothness.

But men who work with their hands could use a little extra help (which we regrettably no longer provide at midnight at the closest truck stop), and On The Job rushes to serve them in our place.

The grooming brand offers a variety of industrial-strength manly products, but our favorite three remain with the hands: antiseptic/moisturizer (speeds up healing of overworked hands, $8.99); high performance cleaner (heavy duty hand soap, $6.99); hand armor (a breathable liquid “glove” that promises to keep out dirt and lock in moisture, $6.99).

Don't worry, handy guys – there are other things we will always like rough…