Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Chase The Money

Our vibrant community is full of givers. And receivers, but that's a story for another day, and another website rating. When it's time to give, we don't think twice and reach into our pants to pull out our… wallets (or Prada clutches – you know, the masculine ones).

Well, instead of using the power of our purse to help out a great organigaytion, it's our votes they're begging for us to give. Votes, some may ask? (Judging by the most recent election, we might have to clarify what voting is for those under 30: it's what we do each Tuesday night after American Idol.)

With that explained, head over to Facebook to stuff the ballot box of one of only three gay charities to make the final list of 100 organizations up for $1 million dollars from Chase Bank. (We might have to clarify what Facebook is for those over 50: it's a social network, similar to the tin cans connected with strings used in the “good ol' days.”)

That's right, only three GLBT charities – The Trevor Project, The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and the Matthew Shepard Foundation – made Chase's final cut of organizations in the running for a total of $5 million dollars (five runner's up receive $100k, the first place vote-getter earns $1 million).

Instead of cat-fighting like most gays in a glitzy competition might, the three groups have decided to encourage all members to vote for all groups so that each org makes the final six and the LGBT community-at-large is the first place winner.

We're so inspired by the sportsmanship that right after we cast our vote we plan to have a friendly threesome of our own…

Voting ends Friday, January 22