Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hammer Time

The holidays have passed and reality (alongside a relentless two-week NYE hangover) has pierced through. We need a release.

Typically, quick catharsis comes from doing “it” ourselves, but a novel piece of furniture is giving us another way to relieve stress through DIY beating – the Do Hit Chair.

At first glance, the 1.25 mm thick stainless steel cube from designer Marijn van der Poll doesn't look like anything we'd be willing to sit our behinds on (and we're not usually very discriminating).

But then the included hammer that ships with the sterile steel box comes into focus, and the inspiration rings through: Marijn wants DIYers to shape the cube into an abstract piece of art that moonlights as a (perhaps not too comfortable) chair.

It's a pretty barbaric way to obtain unique home décor when we have Interior Designer on payroll, but the relaxing process ensures that we end up with a one-of-a-kind design to rest our one-of-a-kind ends. (See them build a chair online – warning: it's LOUD!)

While we're excited, it might take a few practice swings to hit our masterpiece's mark. Too bad we coincidentally posted an ad on Craig's List two days ago with the headline, “Come swing a big tool at our tidy box.”

Now the site's overposting rule has us waiting another 48 hours before we seek out a handy man for help with our new chair.

Price available upon request