Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Dot Your i(Phone)s

In winter, the only things less affected by our warm touch than gay-for-pay go-go boys are our touchscreen smart phones. No matter how many dolla dolla bills we have scrunched between our teeth, our smart phones refuse to accept our digit's desires.

Sure, the season's latest Burberry gloves may ensconce our hands in a layer of luxurious warmth, but what good are they if they're in the way of updating our Grindr locations or Tweeting what we thought about the weekend's new movie – you know the things that matter.

What are we supposed to do? Release our moisturized hands to the wild winter weather? Maybe when the ball-gagged and greased pigs down at The Eagle learn to fly. Before we all subject ourselves to the hellish imagery just described, the new line of Dots Gloves arriving early next month just might be the answer.

Though our designer-label gloves and mittens make our spines tingle, they're not the best at conducting our body electricity, hence why we may or may not have accidentally booty-called our cousin last winter from our iPhone. A year of therapy and a few new technologies later, Dots gloves keep our fingers warm while maneuvering the online-only Crate & Barrel sale as we trudge through the snow to the train.

To allow this breakthrough, Dots contain three electrically conducive “in touch” tips so that wearers can finally make technology work, without sacrificing warmth or style. Frankly, there have been a few touch-screen friendly glove designs released over the past few years, but the pairs from Dots are the first we'd actually wear.

Finally, our frozen fingers are allowed to do what they do best. Well, maybe what they do second best…

Dots Gloves 2010 line, arrives February
$15 – $25