Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

They’ve Got You Covered

Was the wet-hair look ever popular? Aside from a brief romance with hair gel in the 80s and early 90s, we don't think so.

But the wintery weather and upcoming spring rains don't exactly care about our meticulously-sculpted coif, making umbrellas as essential to our seasonal wardrobe as Burt's Beeswax and our wintertime flask.

As ubiquitously handy as a little black dress or a little black jockstrap, black umbrellas can carry most fashion-forward people through a storm of less-attractive options and land them dry at any destination, looking fabulous.

But we want to stick out of the black umbrella rivers flowing down drab sidewalks, so we need something a little flashier, a little more couture, a little more Gaga than the norm. This rainy season, London Undercover is making it possible to make a bold and bright statement in rain.

The spring 2010 line from the UK company includes a dozen or so unique umbrellas, such as abstract versions of Union Jack and a few featuring images of traditional dishes (English breakfast and fish & chips).

Though we're fans of blatant British culture (as well as blatant British men), our favorite offerings from London Undercover are the black houndstooth (pictured) and blue gingham.

Similar to the ways we gays gentrify gritty neighborhoods or cosmeticize that which is frightening (kudos to the work Amy Winehouse's makeup queen supplies), with London Undercover's hip umbrellas, we turn a gloomy day gay.

$32 – $96
International shipping quote available by request