Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Go Straight?

It's not often we associate the word “straight” with grooming. The last straight we saw in the buff (our trick eye comes in handy in the locker room, as sometimes does our trick jaw!) almost had us on the phone with our manscaper, begging them to clear their schedule for the next few weeks.

But as old-fashioned things often become, vintage straight razors are fashionable once again. In fact, the vintage razors from Max Sprecher should do the nick (hardy, har).

Though everyone at the salon from our colorist to our eyebrow threader are unskilled in the art of shaving with a straight razor, we think we might have the steady hand to give the craft a try. After all, our hands have much practice handling dangerous straight objects.

Sure, the blades themselves are notorious for giving a shave that leaves one with skin as smooth as a Marvin Gaye song, but it's the exotic and expressive casing from Max Sprecher that might make the most striking statement.

Whether it's natural horn, acrylics, synthetics or wood, Sprecher's vintage and refurbished straight razors are masculine and covet-worthy enough to have us overlook the fact that we're about to wield a unsheathed blade next to our jugulars and Adam's apples. (Though any mistake might save us a fortune on future Adam's apple shaving procedures!).

Even if we fail to unearth the courage necessary to learn how to give ourselves the closest shave of our lives, at least the straight razors will look mighty sexy in our (bathroom) closets, next to all the other sexy straight things we've come across in lavatories across the globe…

Prices vary for vintage razors and restoration