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Just Plano Good Food

When we want to get fresh, there’s only one woman’s name that ever comes to mind, and that’s Zoë. More specifically, Zoë’s Kitchen.

The Lover’s Lane location has long been one of our favorite lunch spots, thanks to its killer sandwiches like the Gruben (a turkeyfied variation on the Reuben) and the amazing chicken salad, which is so good, who needs bread?

Well, when we heard that the Mediterranean-inspired food chain opened a new location in Plano late last year, we were so happy for our neighbors to the north. But then they lured us up there with the promise of tasty new menu items not available at the other locations.

So we boarded the dogs, stopped our mail, gassed up the car and hit the open road.

The numerous chants of “Are we there yet?” from the back seat were worth the annoyance once we pulled into Zoë’s, knowing that nourishment was only moments away. The most obvious addition to the Plano menu? Steak. Red Meat. Carnivore’s Gold.

The Zoës Steak Stack (also available in turkey and veggie options) was by far our fave. The flavorful, tender steak was surprisingly good for a fast-casual establishment. And the portions were gigantic. Piled atop fresh, tender focaccia was sliced steak, grilled Portobello, mozzarella, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato.

The last time we put something this big in our mouths was in Confessional with Father Tim. (We thought it was odd, too, that he gave everybody one of those gargantuan rainbow lollipops, but it was yummy!)

Grilled Roll-ups are also new on the menu and they’re equally delicious. The grilling of the tortillas makes the outside crunchy and keeps the filling warm throughout the entire meal, which is especially nice if you talk as much as we do while we dine. This one’s available in steak or spinach, but it’s the Chicken Roll-up with feta and caramelized onions that features those great Mediterranean flavors that Zoë’s is known for.

So next time you find yourself in Plano (or if you live there, God bless you), check out the newest Zoë’s Kitchen and see what you’ve been missing. It’ll forever change the way you think of food that’s served fast. Sometimes you can get quality, value and speedy service all in one place.

Just make sure to send us a postcard and let us know you got there safely.

1901 Preston Road (at Park), Plano
(972) 248-1010

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