Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

The V Word

If it’s one thing we hate, it’s when we’re sitting on a park bench enjoying a nice Sprinkles cupcake and some animal rights protestor comes up and throws paint on us. (Yes, it’s happened more than once.)

It seems like such an extreme reaction to one little cupcake. Plus, getting the paint out of our mink coat is so expensive.

Well, thankfully Sprinkles has come out with a vegan version of their most popular cupcake flavor, Red Velvet.

So we no longer have to fear the wrath of PETA or long nights hiding in our darkened houses while angry cows picket on our lawns. (And for the record, bovine friends, cream cheese is not murder. You may want to change your signs.)

The Vegan Red Velvet cupcake recipe substitutes traditional dairy products with the magic of vegetables and fruits. Made from all-natural soy milk, tofu-based cream cheese and pure, decadent coconut oil, the taste is absolutely incredible and not in a million years would we have guessed the cupcakes were vegan.

That doesn’t mean they’re low-fat, so don’t go getting any bright ideas that these are what the Slim Fast makers consider your “sensible meal.” But they are delicious.

And for all you gluttons who don’t eat gluten, they’ve also just created a gluten-free version of the cupcake. It’s a little drier than the traditional or vegan versions, but extremely tasty nonetheless.

So next time you want to do your part toward making chicken’s eggholes less stretched out and cow’s udders from dragging the ground, think Vegan. Then think Sprinkles.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
4020 Villanova, Dallas
(214) 369-0004

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