Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Trick Jaw

OK, OK – it's growing on us. And no, we're not referring to a portion of our nether regions after seeing The Bachelor Jake Pavelka shirtless again this week.

Not that we're complaining.

It's the whole Bluetooth thing that we're warming up to.

We first believed those sporting the earpieces more than twenty paces away from their steering wheels were crazy. Then, after noticing the blinking blue lights emitted from their ear canal and realizing they weren't paranoid schizophrenics, we decided they were douches (which are far more worrisome).

But lately the reputation suffered by Bluetooth earpieces has enjoyed a change for the better, largely because of fashionable tech company Jawbone. (Coincidentally, it's our jawbone that keeps our reputations in the gutter.)

To take the earpieces to the next level – the level of us joining the ranks of dudes donning them in everyday life – the brand has released its latest swanky tech line: Jawbone Icon.

While we're obviously all about the aesthetic pleasures of the latest Jawbone collection (imagine if Lady Gaga designed Bluetooth sets), the specs under the hood are pretty mouthwatering, too.

Let's see, there's the NoiseAssasin 2.5 noise elimination, up to 4.5 hours of charged battery life, automatic volume control for seamless audio while switching calls, and limitless personalization downloads available on Jawbone's new MyTalk software platform.

The six jewelry-like Jawbones have taught us the merits of Bluetooth, but more importantly, the deep-red Rouge Icon piece taught us that our skin tone qualifies as a fall, which is perhaps the most valuable lesson a young gay can learn in life…