Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

(C)hanging By A Thread

“What goes around, comes around,” once sang our on again, off again (in our drunken dreams) Justin Timberlake.

But unlike most things that have wrapped around our bodies snugly only to be quickly tossed aside for the next best thing, our old sweaters actually have a chance at coming back around without a vengeance, because of Reknit, a fabulous folksy service that breathes new life into a different unused knitted good each month.

Similar to Aunt Esther, January on Reknit is all about tacky and unsightly sweaters.

The service is as simple as it is a clean, user-friendly website: send your unwanted knitted garment to some clever entrepreneur's mother who unravels it, reknits it into something unique you'll actually wear, and ships it back.

And if you're closet is lucky enough to not call itself home to less-than-appealing garments, Reknit's website will direct you to the nearest Goodwill to pick up something tacky and cheap.

If you have more scarves than you can shake your rubber fists at, Reknit has installed a voting system so exciting that Ryan Shecrest is looking to host it once American Idol goes off the air. Site visitors are presented with a swanky ballot box, where they can choose whether it's iPod sleeves, beanies, socks or a few other options that Reknit mom recycles our goods into in February.

Whatever anti-global-warming folk may tell you, at least with knitwear, the benefits of recycling are tangible, evident and even fabulous!

$30 to Reknit your sweater