Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Don’t Sweat It

Not all of us have the genetics to warrant the “woof” that meekly slips from our lips at the Bearcelona event each year in Spain.

Though the gay subculture has a term for those who are follicularly-challenged below the neck yet still prancing around bear country (“admirer,” in case you were wondering), sometimes we just want to feel a little furry.

First made popular on the backs of women, fashion house Rodarte has finally come around and realized the true demographic for its trademark discombobulated sweaters: forward-fashion thinking gays.

Stringy and abstract, at first glance Rodartes new collection for men appears to resemble a Van Gough painting, or a wet weave found on the floor of S4 well beyond last call.

Speaking of weaves, the deconstructed garments from Rodarte don’t appear to be woven. Instead the talented designers behind the avant-garde fall/winter wear seem to have somehow tossed an interesting and complementary mix of colors, textures and even densities lightly together to create a sartorial web that fits miraculously and shows off a bit of skin in the process.

As avant-garde garments, Rodarte’s menswear isn’t for conservative dressers or even those who religiously adhere to weekly manscaping appointments because of a supposed allergic reaction to body hair (or anything resembling it).

But for queens like us, the sweaters are a gift that’s topped our wish list for years: no, not a top (now that they’re endangered, they’re very expensive and PETA would be all over us), but a novel and stylish justification for finally showing off a bit of skin in the middle of winter.

Prices vary
For a list of stockists, visit www.rodarte.net