Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Just Your Type

After writing these fabulous features for you all day long, the last thing we want to see when we get home is more letters…unless they’re a gift hanging on the wall from our sweetheart(s).

We’re not the biggest fans of the conventional, thoughtless Valentine’s Day ephemera (tired flowers, chocolates), so a little creativity goes a long way. The Valentype Blocks from House Industries might actually go the distance.

Following in the grand tradition of oversimplified sayings (think candy hearts), Valentype Blocks say more with even less.

A cute-but-dignified way to declare your eternal bond (or weekly/monthly F-buddy relationship, we won’t judge), the holiday gift from House Industries features a limited-time only arousing font (as arousing as fonts can be, we guess), simplistically printed on handmade maple blocks.

The Valentypes are pretty much the most effortless VD gifts one could give (aside from that other kind of VD gift) simply because the blocks are ready to hang right out of their packaging.

Making it even easier to not go home empty-handed (or to avoid going home alone to your hand) on the upcoming holiday is the graphic-design collective’s thoughtful deadline reminder: order by Thursday to receive the package by Valentine’s Day.

Play it right and it won’t be the only package you receive on February 14.

$50 for each 6” x 8” letter/symbol
Available to order through Sunday, February 14