Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Spice It Up

We've known for years that spicy capsaicin powder (found mostly in Thai and Indian food) has a knack for making us feel more svelte, but we had attributed the benefit to chronic visits to the loo a few hours after eating the ethnic goodies.

The new Prometheus Springs elixirs unlock the power that the spice has over our metabolisms in a way that's much easier to stomach: thoughtful amounts of capsaicin found in chili peppers are extracted and cleverly mixed with palatable flavors.

Sure, “palatable flavors” is a subjective statement, but Prometheus Springs does a good job of making sure any tongue can get a kick from the Asian-world ingredient by offering three distinct varieties.

While Lemon Ginger is obviously aimed for grandmas and the less-adventurous, Pomegranate Black Pepper (our favorite of the group) and the totally hardcore Lychee Wasabi are ambitious mixes – arousing combinations that shouldn't go together, pulled off with more success than whatever Adam Lambert's makeup person has lathered on his face today.

Regardless of your level of extreme drinking prowess (not to be confused with binge drinking, which is arguably the official sport of the community), the time-tested perks of the pepper-derived ingredient hold true: a boost to one's metabolism and a rush of endorphins to please one's pleasure centers (only the ones located in our upper heads, unfortunately).

Because of the three varieties of Prometheus concoctions, we can finally exploit capsaicin's benefits without wrecking our stomachs (and, subsequently, our dates).

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