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Until technology from those new airport x-ray-like scanners become standard features in every pair of Prada sunglasses, how are the more superficial of us expected to agree to a date offline? We’ve grown accustomed to knowing a first date’s stats right down to his religion before arriving at the restaurant (or spa, depending on how ambitious we’re feeling).

So when we finally lose the battle with our line of sight and our eyes fall to a stranger’s pair of Diesels, Sevens, etc., we usually end up deciding it’s too much work to guesstimate and fire up Grindr on the iPhone.

It’s not the stranger’s fault. Their genes surely have been nice to them, but their jeans just aren’t. When one pair highlights the assets for all possible benefactors, it fails to deliver the package on (or under) the fly.

But no longer (or baggier or saggier or tighter or looser) do we have to put up with cookie-cutter clothing culture – denim lovers like us can now order bespoke jeans from indiDenim.

The clever online retail concept allows customers to specify nearly every aspect of their desired jean, from fabric and shade right down to fly, coin pocket and even the distressing.

Or, if you’re feeling lazy and wanna just lie there like we did last night, let indiDenim do all the work by skipping the creative process and choosing a pre-selected custom design, personalized with your exact measurements.

But if you’re looking for tops rather than bottoms (get in line, honey), the same minds have brought forth indiTailored, a convenient way to order customized dress shirts!

Both sites are founded on our favorite Proverb (old Testament, we believe): a few inches can make a big difference. Or a medium-sized difference is fine, too. We’re not size queens, just size princesses.

Base prices for jeans start at $145
Dress shirts begin at $90

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Receive 20% off your order through Friday, February 26 by simply entering code “GLD2010” (character sensitive) at checkout.

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