Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Hit The Bar

Having a bar at the desk is surely nothing new. After all, that’s what 85% of our drawer space is used for.

It’s only a matter of time before our bosses notice the Cointreau stains on our expense reports, though we obviously spend more time calculating the amount of liquor our desk holds than completing said reports, so we won’t have to worry about that anytime soon.

Because of the collective-inventiveness of Quirky, our desk can host even more half-filled bottles thanks to the community’s latest release, the Space Bar.

Reps for the cool site often pitch us Quirky’s latest community-developed ideas but none have caught our bloodshot eyes (thanks airline liquor bottle of Smirnoff in our pen holder) until now.

For starters, any product idea placed forth by a member of the Quirky community has to be novel enough to gain support and enthusiasm from the majority of the site. Then, the concept is reevaluated and restructured by other forward-Quirky thinkers until it arrives at its final state, which usually ends up being a pretty nifty gadget.

The site’s latest, however, rises above the rest (literally, as it sits atop your keyboard to become a temporary shelf).

While first and foremost an exaggerator of desk space, the gadget also provides 6 additional USB outlets to our already cluttered work area. But it’s the sterile cleanliness the Space Bar provides as an extra shelf that’s the main attraction.

Sure, we might not have the gumption to rest our liquor bottles upon the device while in the office, but it might best protect our keyboards from the twice-daily lattes that we somehow always end up dripping over them.

And if you size queens are wondering the stats, the Space Bar can stow away roughly 18” long of hardware. Enviable, isn’t it?

Space Bar, $42