Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Gain Some Footing

Marks left on anything, whether necks or hardwood is simply unacceptable.

While our clavicles and Adam’s apples have Hermès, our hardwood has less glamorous options. Nothing screams sophistication like dressing up inanimate objects (*sarcasm), but we’ll let the Chair Personalities Socks slide (literally, across our polished hardwood) on account of their mettle.

Sure, we’re known to dress Fido in Fendi footwear, but putting socks on a household object takes a little getting used to.

And yes, we’ve put socks on almost every body part of ours as well as on those areas of a few nightly visitors, but seeing tube socks on something other than the legs of a go-go seriously confuses our nether regions.

Once we notice how scuff-free our floors are from the extra-protection the socks provide our four-legged friends, our chakras are realigned and all is well in the world again.

Making all even better in the world are four different varieties of socks to choose from, including argyle (purple or gray) and stripes (pink or red/gray).

Thanks to Chair Personalities, we can add yet another piece of furniture resting in our living rooms to the list of inanimate objects boasting more personality than Kristen Stewart.

(For those over 50, Stewart is the boring chick that stars in those Twilight films the kids are all about these days, you know the ones with Taylor Lautner? Yea, we knew you’d get that reference point.)