Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Avoid The Carbs

We're not weatherproof. This is evident by our futile use of the flat-iron in Miami, our desire to go shirtless while in line at NYC's Splash in the winter and our frustration that derives from never being able to pull off a cute sweater in LA.

But it's late-winter, and there's nothing more our bodies want than an easy solution for adapting to the finicky climate. (Full disclosure: there might be something our bodies want more this time of year, considering the perfect cuddling weather…)

While we continue to audition suitable cuddle buddies, Bread & Butter Skincare is providing the other winter wish our naughty-boy bodies desired.

A mail order skincare line, Bread & Butter is season specific: customers who order the company's skincare kit receive two shipments of fabulous products, one intended to help skin during the harsh cold of winter months, and another shipment specially crafted to make skin look glorious in summer.

The winter kit we're eagerly hoping for contains 180 days worth (if used conservatively and not as neurotically as we usually use skincare) of cold-weather face cleanser, face moisturizer, body moisturizer and an essential perennial item, lip balm.

Summer, though still months away, already has us excited for our shipment of sunny day-ready face cleanser, SPF facial moisturizer and shave gel.

Nearly just as exciting as having one less item to worry about on our Targét shopping lists for the entire year is Bread & Butter 's willingness to pick up the discarded tubes to properly recycle the product, a welcome idea that allows us to stay inside and avoid late-season snow and cold, dirty rain.

Although, with less dry skin in winter and less sun spots in summer, we actually might not mind showing our future-flawless faces in public more frequently.

$80 before shipping charges