Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Extension Cord

Let’s face it: what’s inside a man’s pants matters. (Typically, we literally do face it.) Whether it’s the label or the goods, our bottoms are our top priorities. A creative new approach to the foundation of menswear, the Cordarounds label is starting to rank high on our list.

The San Francisco-based pants designers have given the garment a new twist – literally, with vibrant, often swirling patterns and textiles lining pockets, the inseam, the fly and legs, affording fans of men something new to look at in their pants for .5 seconds before attention is deflected elsewhere.

The most popular pairs from Cordarounds seem to be the convenient “Bike to Work” pants, and it’s a cinch to see why: the brand’s khakis are jazz-handed up a bit, revealing personality and flare when rolled up around the ankles, as is the biker boy way.

We also dig the brand’s lightweight, more traditional corduroy slacks, but if you twisted our well-moisturized arms and pulled our hair, we’d confess that the label’s “Trouser Think Tink” category frightens the bejewels right off our Dior shades.

The pairs – though we give them points for creativity – look like something Russell Brand dreamed up on a peyote binge at Burning Man. Not our style, but might work for one of our more burned out (and unmetrosexual) hetero boyfriends.

But the small design company more than makes up for the few fashion flops with its other inventive pants, pants that are produced in limited quantities to ensure that whatever you’ve got going on down below is one-of-a-kind.

Not that yours wasn’t already, of course.

Bike-to-work pants (pictured), $90
Other varieties vary from $65 – $100