Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

Doing Our Dirty Work

By now we’re all familiar with the concept of receiving bountiful packages of manly goods.

And before your Mary minds go any further into the glittery gutters, we’re referring to Automated Man, which we turned you onto late last year.

The latest to drop off a regular visitor of butch loving is Manpack.

A duo of dudes designed Manpack to be a once-every-three-month service that delivers basic underwear, socks and t-shirts to guys who hate shopping. Obviously, the final two words in the previous sentence have never occurred in our vocabulary in the same context or arrangement since we were born in 1992. (We even had to look at the keyboard to make sure we typed it correctly – “hate shopping,” not “1992.”)

Though we adore shopping – and pay the rent of half of the AmEx collections department to show it – we actually have a use for Manpack.

The boxers/briefs/hybrids, socks and tees Manpack delivers are limited to the Hanes brand. While we’d never admit to it, the classic American brand is ideal for such occasions as working out (when we don’t want to ruin our new peach-colored Aussie Bums with sweat stains), laundry day (when all of our American Apparel v-necks are out of commission), or for a jog (when our Paul Frank tube socks just don’t make sense).

Problem is we’re too embarrassed to enter the men’s clothing department at K-Mart or Target to actually purchase Hanes.

Problem solved with Manpack! Though we usually revel in taking care of it ourselves, we’re happy to let the new service tackle our dirty work.

Plans vary from $7 – $33/every 3 months