Put Some Gay In Your Day, Dallas!

It’s Training Men! Hallelujah!

Finally. The women at Curves can drop their lawsuit against us.

We wanted an intimate place to work out and the women-only fitness chain seemed like the perfect solution, but dressing up like Kip or Henry from Bosom Buddies became quite an expensive habit, what with all the cute ladies’ workout wear, run-free makeup, and Easy Spirit pumps we had to purchase.

Everything was great and we went completely undetected until the day the cleaning lady came in and found us standing to pee. The jig was up.

But now, we’ve found a place that satisfies our desire for a less-crowded setting and our need to be men without falsies.

The newly opened M Image Center is a one-stop lifestyle spa exclusively for men.

A typical afternoon could include a haircut, personal training session, massage, manscaping, and a protein shake to cap it all off before taking a shower in their private bathroom.

Then what if we told you that the price tag for all of those items combined would only be about $165? (Don’t worry, we got that same tingly feeling in our stomach when we saw the prices for the first time, too.)

Additional amenities include healthy meals (salads, sandwiches, wraps) and snacks for purchase, free Wi-Fi Internet access, complimentary coffee and fruit in the waiting area and affordable juices, waters and energy drinks.

A day of beauty and fitness has never been so fulfilling. (At least not without speaking in falsetto and batting our fake eyelashes.)

M Image Center
3626 North Hall Street, Suite 727, Dallas
(214) 443-5197

Subscriber Special Offer!
Mention Gay List Daily to receive two consecutive weeks of personal training (6 sessions total) absolutely free! ($150 value.) Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. You must call to schedule prior to February 28, 2010 to receive this special deal.